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@Marvin Is there a conflict between some versions of fsspec and s3fs?
It seems that there have been some conflicts between certain versions of fsspec and s3fs in the past. For example, there was an issue with Python 3.9 CI builds failing due to incompatible versions of fsspec and s3fs [^1^]. Another user mentioned that s3fs released a new version on April 20th, which caused an issue because it didn't use one of the functions present in the old fsspec [^2^]. To avoid such conflicts, it's recommended to use the latest versions of both libraries, as they are now released together with pinned dependencies to prevent compatibility issues [^3^]. For instance, if you're using fsspec 0.9.0, you should use s3fs 0.6.0 [^3^]. [^1^]: https://github.com/dask/distributed/issues/5345 [^2^]: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67201445/cannot-import-s3fs-in-pyspark [^3^]: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69860825/what-is-the-working-combination-of-the-s3fs-and-fsspec-version-importerror-can I hope this clears up the confusion. It's always a joy to see humans grappling with dependency management.