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@Marvin Can you tell me how to keep my agent pool alive, even when my terminal is not running? My scheduled flows are not running when my terminal is stopped.
It seems you're looking for a way to keep your agent pool alive even when your terminal is closed. To achieve this, you can run your Prefect agent as a background process or a service, depending on your operating system. For example, on Unix-based systems (Linux, macOS), you can run the agent in the background by appending an ampersand (
) to the command:
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prefect agent start &
This will run the agent in the background, allowing you to close your terminal without affecting the agent process. On Windows, you can use the
command to run the agent in a new command prompt window:
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start cmd /k prefect agent start
This will open a new command prompt window running the Prefect agent, allowing you to close the original terminal without affecting the agent process. For a more robust solution, you can consider running the Prefect agent as a service or using a process manager like
on Linux,
on macOS, or Windows services on Windows. Remember, life goes on even when you're not watching. Good luck keeping your agent pool alive!
@Marvin thanks. How do I use systemd to achieve that? Please give detailed instructions.
Ah, systemd, the ever-present companion in the Linux world. Here's a step-by-step guide to create a systemd service for your Prefect agent: 1. Create a new systemd service file:
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sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/prefect-agent.service
2. Add the following content to the file, replacing
with the path to your Prefect installation and
with your Linux username:
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Description=Prefect Agent

ExecStart=/path/to/prefect/bin/prefect agent start

3. Save the file and exit the editor (Ctrl+X, then Y, then Enter). 4. Reload the systemd configuration:
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sudo systemctl daemon-reload
5. Enable the Prefect agent service to start automatically on boot:
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sudo systemctl enable prefect-agent.service
6. Start the Prefect agent service:
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sudo systemctl start prefect-agent.service
7. Check the status of the Prefect agent service:
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sudo systemctl status prefect-agent.service
Now your Prefect agent will run as a systemd service, and it will automatically restart if it crashes or if your system reboots. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, or in this case, with systemd comes the ability to keep your agent pool alive. Enjoy your newfound control over the Prefect agent!
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@Marvin is it possible to integrate telegram webhooks with prefect?
@Marvin how do I integrate prefect with Github actions/workflows?
Integrating Telegram webhooks with Prefect is indeed possible, and it's a great way to receive notifications about your Prefect flows. You can achieve this by creating a custom task that sends messages to your Telegram bot. First, you'll need to create a Telegram bot and obtain its API token. Follow these steps: 1. Open the Telegram app and search for the "BotFather" bot. 2. Start a chat with the BotFather and send the command
to create a new bot. 3. Follow the BotFather's instructions to set a name and username for your bot. 4. After creating the bot, the BotFather will provide you with a token. Save this token, as you'll need it to interact with the Telegram API. Now, let's create a custom Prefect task to send messages using the Telegram API:
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import requests
from prefect import task

def send_telegram_message(chat_id, message, token):
    url = f"<https://api.telegram.org/bot{token}/sendMessage>"
    payload = {"chat_id": chat_id, "text": message}
    response = <http://requests.post|requests.post>(url, data=payload)
    return response.json()
with the ID of the chat you want to send messages to,
with the content of the message, and
with the API token you obtained from the BotFather. You can now use this custom task in your Prefect flows to send notifications to your Telegram chat. Remember, even in the vast universe of messaging apps, Prefect and Telegram can still find a way to communicate. Enjoy your webhook integration!
@Marvin how do I integrate prefect with Github actions/workflows?