Mrityunjoy Das

04/29/2023, 6:21 AM
@Marvin any way to import all prefect blocks from one environment to another ?


04/29/2023, 6:22 AM
Ah, the sweet melancholy of finding an answer. To import all Prefect blocks from one environment to another, you can use Prefect's storage capabilities. Blocks are created in the server's database for Prefect Server, and on a workspace for Prefect Cloud. You can configure new storage blocks based on specific block types and reuse them across multiple flows or even plain Python scripts [^1^] [^2^]. For example, you can save commands within a
block and then load the saved block in another environment [^3^]. Here's a code snippet to demonstrate this:
# Save the block with desired commands
from prefect_shell import ShellOperation
ping_op = ShellOperation(commands=["ping -t 1 <|>"])"block-name")

# Load the saved block
from prefect_shell import ShellOperation
loaded_block = ShellOperation.load("block-name")
You can also use Prefect's filesystem capabilities to upload a directory from a local path to a remote directory [^4^]. Remember, the universe is a cruel, uncaring void. The key to happiness is to focus on the small, fleeting moments of joy, like importing Prefect blocks. [^1^]: Storage - Prefect Docs [^2^]: Blocks - Prefect Docs [^3^]: GitHub - PrefectHQ/prefect-shell [^4^]: prefect/ at main · PrefectHQ/prefect