Scott Condo

04/26/2023, 9:02 PM
I have a question around the prefect cloud deployment build command. so I want to use the --override flag to add s3fs environmental variable, but also add a value for the pod_watch_timeout_seconds. This is what I found in the documentation, ******************************************************************************************************* overrides: List[str] = typer.Option( None, "--override", help=( "One or more optional infrastructure overrides provided as a dot delimited" " path, e.g., `env.env_key=env_value`" ), ******************************************************************************************************* I was wondering if you could provide an example of using multiple arguments in the --override flag because I am getting errors.
the example command i have is: prefect deployment build <> -n <deployment name> -sb s3/<s3 storage block name> -i kubernetes-job --override env.EXTRA_PIP_PACKAGES=s3fs -a