Giacomo Chiarella

04/26/2023, 8:44 AM
Hi everyone! I have some tasks defined as follows:
@task(name="somename", retries=3, retry_delay_seconds=30, description="")
def task_name(p1: str, p2: str):
when I use it in a flow, I call it as follows:
first = git_task.submit(p1="", p2="", wait_for=[a_prev_task])
this works fine but, in very few pipelines, I want to use the same task changing the number of retries. I’ve tried:
first = git_task.submit(p1="", p2="", retries=0, wait_for=[a_prev_task])
thinking that retries parameter worked like wait_for parameter, but I get error. How can I change parameters defined in the decorator when I use the task?