Hi, thanks for the great tool! I’ve been using for...
# prefect-getting-started
Hi, thanks for the great tool! I’ve been using for around a month with great results. Recently, however, I’ve been getting this type of error: `A flow named ... and defined at ... conflicts with another flow. Consider specifying a unique
parameter in the flow definition`. I’ve checked everywhere and can’t find any sort of double definition. Looked around online, and couldn’t find almost any help. Any ideas? (using the most recent release
This bug happens when prefect-gcp and prefect-aws are both installed. Uninstall one and you should be good. There's and open issue and a fix is in progress.
Hi @Jeff Hale, I don’t seem to have any of those installed Some more info: • I’m running this on a Docker container • I’m also running Prefect within an Azure Function Any ideas? Thanks!
hmm. Azure might have the same problem. Here’s the issue. You could add your info to that thread.