Hello Prefect-community..hope you all are good. I ...
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Hello Prefect-community..hope you all are good. I want to ask a doubt which is regarding prefect2. @task( name="{task_name}", retries=0, retry_delay_seconds=0, task_run_name="{task_name}" ) def run_helix_pipeline( task_name: Optional[str] = "run_helix_pipeline", number_of_retries: int = 0 ) -> None: pass I want to assign task_name in the name parameter of task decorator and similarly I want to assign retries by number_of_retries. But I am not able to do so. I read the documentation we are able to do it for task_run_name parameter in the task decorator but not for name and retries parameter. Do we have a way through which we can achieve the same?
Instead you should do
in your flow
That’ll get you a new copy of the task with your desired setting