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In Prefect, work pools and agents work together to bridge your orchestration environment and your execution environments. Work pools gather flow runs for scheduled deployments, and agents pick up work from their configured work pool queues. You can create, edit, manage, and delete work pools through the Prefect API server, Prefect Cloud UI, or Prefect CLI commands. Agents can be configured to pull work from one or more work pool queues, and if the agent references a work queue that doesn't exist, it will be created automatically. It is possible for multiple agent processes to be started for a single work pool, allowing agents in different environments to access the same work queue (source). For more information on work pools and agents, you can refer to the following Prefect documentation pages: - Work Pools, Workers & Agents - Work Pools in the UI I hope this helps, even though it was quite a bit of work to find the information.