nakul bajaj

04/16/2023, 3:44 AM
My flow subflow is stuck in running state, but all tasks are completed.. Is there a timeout on flow?

Bianca Hoch

04/17/2023, 3:56 PM
Hey Nakul! You can set the
argument on the flow to specify a maximum runtime. You could also set up an Automation from the UI which cancels a run after X amount of hours/days if you'd like.
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nakul bajaj

04/19/2023, 7:59 AM
Thanks Bianca That worked and thanks for sharing about automation too. I didn't realise the time out on my cloud run, it was defaulted to 600sec.. so I changed the block to 3600, and didn't have issues after. Basically subflow task was waiting to be run, but underlying infra was dead.
Maybe a feedback loop in the future into task failure can help debug bit faster.