how do you specify an infrastructure block using p...
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how do you specify an infrastructure block using projects with
prefect deploy
prefect deployment build
has the
flag but
prefect deploy
does not
Hey @Andy Dienes! Projects use typed work pools and workers instead of infrastructure blocks. You can think of a worker as an infrastructure block and an agent combined and any configuration that would normally live on the infrastructure block lives on the work pool instead. We haven’t yet created workers for all of the existing infrastructure blocks, but depending on which infra block you want to use, a analogous worker might be available.
I appreciate the explanation. I think I'm running into an issue similar to these two: and I saw some proposed fixes to set
in an infrastructure block, but wasn't sure how to do that with workers. this is all running on kubernetes
so would this be some config I need to pass to the work pool?
You can customize the template used for the job manifest by editing the base job template of the work pool. How to do that is briefly described in the documentation for the Kubernetes worker and the documentation on how a work pool base job template works might also be useful.