Ying Ting Loo

04/14/2023, 4:05 AM
hi a quick question for prefect 2, I am planning to deploy 2 prefect agent (they have the same flows, but running on different python package) to the server, should I be using a different work pool or work queue? **not intending to duplicate the flow runs, just that it is easier to have the flows in both agents for deployments

Chris White

04/17/2023, 4:55 AM
Hey Ying! This is a great question and one we should document better - if the only difference between your two agents are their python environments, then I think it makes sense to use two different work queues but the same work pool. The reason I say this is that a work pool is generally designed to represent a unique location of infrastructure (i.e., a k8s cluster or a laptop). If these agents are running on the same machine but with different environments then two queues keeps them with the same infra configuration. Ultimately there's no real cost to a new work pool other than cognitive load, so you might want to try both and see which one feels more intuitive to you! If you do experiment I'd love to hear what you decide for yourself