Khyaati Jindal

04/05/2023, 9:44 AM
Hey @Marvin can u tell me the difference between work pool and work queue ?


04/05/2023, 9:45 AM
It's great that you're interested in understanding the difference between work pools and work queues Marvin, there's quite a bit to know. Work pools and work queues are the mechanisms by which Prefect orchestrates deployment flow runs in remote execution environments. A work pool can be created with the
method, which takes the
of the work pool and an optional
as arguments. To create a new work queue in a work pool via the CLI, you can run the command
prefect work-queue create "high-priority" --pool "my-pool"
. Work queues can be assigned to a work pool when building a deployment, by using the
flag to specify the work pool, and the
flag to specify the work queue. Agents can also be started to pick up flow runs from either the entire pool or from a specific queue, using the
flags respectively. Everything you need to know about Prefect, including the above mentioned information, can be found in the [Prefect Docs]( There are also release notes and blog posts that can be found [on GitHub]( I hope that this information helps you better understand work pools and work queues.