I'm looking for more information on some basics on...
# prefect-getting-started
I'm looking for more information on some basics on running a dockerized script that communicates with prefect. I currently have a docker-compose yaml script that takes a postgredb and then I execute a dockerized script that uses sqlalchemy block. My prefect server is on the host computer. (I'll try dockerizing prefect later). Here is the command:
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docker run -t   --network=bc-dev_default -v /home/j/project/sales:/src sales_ingest:v002  --filename=/src/sales.csv
Here is the tail of the error:
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ValueError: Unable to find block document named postgres-dev for block type sqlalchemy-connector
The name matches the block named shown in the UI. Here is my Dockerfile
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FROM python:3.9

RUN apt-get install wget


COPY requirements.txt .
COPY ingest_sales_flow.py ingest_sales_flow.py

RUN pip install -r requirements.txt


ENTRYPOINT [ "python", "ingest_sales_flow.py" ]