Kav Autar

04/12/2023, 12:26 AM
Hi! I’ve setup a local prefect server to test some workflows out on. The server and agent are run in docker containers and the code is executed in a DockerContainer infrastructure block. I’m having a little trouble with re-running a flow when 1 of my tasks fails. I have 1 task that always raises an exception (on purpose). In the UI I manually set the state to Complete, then re-run the flow. I’m expecting the task that failed (but is marked as complete) to be skipped on the next run; however I get an exception
prefect.exceptions.MissingResult: State data is missing. Typically, this occurs when result persistence is disabled and the state has been retrieved from the API.
I’ve set
in the environment but this doesn’t change the behavior. Any advice would be appreciated. I’m running prefect 2.10.2.