Hi dear Prefect team. I am having issues with the ...
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Hi dear Prefect team. I am having issues with the UI and my flows. I am creating some flows that spawn 4-8 tasks at a time and are also chained with some other as well (So not many tasks). The issue is that when I want to see the flow in the cloud UI, it does not even render the timeline or the radar view. It can take hours and it slows down the web browser without any actual result (It looks like the attached image). I thought that it had to do with how heavy/complex are the tasks but it has nothing to do. The attached example is a flow that is only printing configurations and sleeping for 2 seconds (So this rendering issue also happens with simple tasks)
Hi @Nicolas Garcia Ospina , Yeah there is an issue I've been investigating where this happens. Are you on Cloud or using the open source version? On Cloud we have a feature flag I can enable for your account to hide the graphs, to free you up sooner than later, otherwise I hope to get a fix out for this asap.
Thanks, I would not want to have the graphs disabled in my cloud. I rather wait for a fix for it