03/27/2023, 1:29 AM
Hi prefect team. I saw that the runtime flow visualization has been updated. I definitely like it better. I was curious if there was a plan for a compiled static dag view, similar to the 'Schematic' view from Prefect 1? Seeing a schema for a DAG is hugely valuable for collaboration, e.g. someone is working on a pipeline, they ask me to look at it. I have to currently dig into specific flow runs and look at something like this, to get my 1000 foot view of what this pipeline even is. I'd much rather not see a run time visualization because the time taken might vary a lot, and the edges are still all crossed so I have to click on each task and trace my eyes along the screen to see the dependency. Will add in the comments an example preferred view. Ideally this DAG schematic would just live on the Flow's page on a separate tab, similar to Prefect 1.
Ignore the picture in the original comment. This is a better comparison. For the flow run I have to zoom out to where I can't read the text anymore. Having a static dag viz would be really great for simplicity, so you don't have to spend time searching/panning/zooming to understand the steps of a given pipeline.

Austin Weisgrau

03/27/2023, 4:31 PM
big agree!

Brandon Reid

03/28/2023, 11:56 AM
Thank you @YSF! We totally have a non-temporal, DAG style layout on the roadmap! Thank you for providing this perspective and reinforcing the need!
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