Chris Arderne

03/03/2023, 11:27 AM
Trying to transfer a workspace in Prefect Cloud ( but the UI just hangs without populating the list of potentiall transferees. Is this a known issue?
Also trying to sign up for a paid account and hitting a bunch of issues. Just messaged you on Twitter (because Contact Us seems to be broken) but would appreciate help wherever if possible! 1. Have entered credit card details but still can't create an additional workspace? 2. Unable to transfer a workspace (is that an "Organization" feature? the web app just hangs, and the REST API said "Workspace owner must be an admin of destination Account", which I don't understand). 3. Tried to use your "Contact Us" button but it just hangs at the "Just checking: are you a robot?" and never gets anywhere.

Chris Reuter

03/03/2023, 1:11 PM
Hi there @Chris Arderne - sorry for the trouble that you're having, thanks for reaching out. I just DMed you a couple of questions.
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Just following up here for the group: Transferring workspaces between Personal and Organization is possible for anyone. Transferring workspaces from Personal account to to Personal account is not right now to limit any malicious transferring of workspaces. If you want to move a workspace from one Personal account to another, feel free to reach out to
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