03/13/2023, 8:51 AM
Heya! We occasionally receive fake-alerts such as flow has been pending for > 15 minutes, while it actually completes in ~30 seconds 🤷 In the logs of the flow, I can see it started at 11:59:58 PM and completed successfully at 12:00:31 PM (UTC). The Cloud's automation trigger is set to Stays in Pending for 15 minutes, but the alert comes in around the time the flow is done (~30 seconds). Also noticed just now that the
Stays in
now is called
Stays in (beta)
.. this is new! Are we not to rely on this automation, because it is "beta" and is broken/incomplete?
Also the documentation mentions nothing about "Beta", even the screenshots there have it called
Stays in
Source: Where can I read more about the "Beta" aspect of this? We want to heavily rely on this feature, but now perhaps we need to rethink our approach 🤷

Chris Guidry

03/13/2023, 1:51 PM
Thanks, @jpuris, I'll DM to get some additional details from you
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