Hello! Early this morning Late last night we got ...
# prefect-cloud
Hello! Early this morning Late last night we got another "Pending" alert misfire from Cloud's automation feature to our Slack workspace.
Flow stuck in PENDING state. Please fix me!
Flow run <redacted>/accurate-leech entered state
at 2023-03-28T220040.649242+00:00.
Flow ID: 82fbf550-6938-4f85-83f8-e279fd4ac048
Flow run ID: cfe1b7d8-e858-4399-983a-fa1dfffa4d0d
Flow run URL: https://app.prefect.cloud/account/c1397d5f-b9f3-49e8-abb6-bce7d7b1412e/workspace/32dfe242-315b-4405-b06d-8b6308d6b631/flow-runs/flow-run/cfe1b7d8-e858-4399-983a-fa1dfffa4d0d
State message: All states completed.
• scheduled to run at 220000 UTC • actual start at 220003 UTC • completed at 220040 UTC Why did we get a flow stuck in PENDING state around the time of flow's completion time? Even more curious is the fact we have set the alert to trigger when a flow has remained in pending state for 15 minutes 🤷 Automation's Trigger settings • Trigger Type: Flow Run State • Flows: All flows • Flow Run Tags: All tags • Flow Run: Stays in = (pending) • For: 15 Minutes Automation in question: https://app.prefect.cloud/account/c1397d5f-b9f3-49e8-abb6-bce7d7b1412e/workspace/32df[…]/automations/automation/0284734c-53f9-4a72-8351-fbe3ad50d19b
Even more odd is the time registered in The automations events.. prefect-cloud.automation.triggered 2023/03/29 12:34:01 AM (CEST), 2023/03/28 223401 (UTC) prefect-cloud.automation.action.executed 2023/03/29 12:34:02 AM (CEST), 2023/03/28 223402 (UTC) The slack message was received half hour earlier than timestamps displayed in Cloud UI 😅
Thanks jpuris, would you mind opening an issue with this information at https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect?