03/29/2023, 6:39 AM
Hello! Early this morning Late last night we got another "Pending" alert misfire from Cloud's automation feature to our Slack workspace.
Flow stuck in PENDING state. Please fix me!
Flow run <redacted>/accurate-leech entered state
at 2023-03-28T22:00:40.649242+00:00.
Flow ID: 82fbf550-6938-4f85-83f8-e279fd4ac048
Flow run ID: cfe1b7d8-e858-4399-983a-fa1dfffa4d0d
Flow run URL:
State message: All states completed.
• scheduled to run at 22:00:00 UTC • actual start at 22:00:03 UTC • completed at 22:00:40 UTC Why did we get a flow stuck in PENDING state around the time of flow's completion time? Even more curious is the fact we have set the alert to trigger when a flow has remained in pending state for 15 minutes 🤷 Automation's Trigger settings • Trigger Type: Flow Run State • Flows: All flows • Flow Run Tags: All tags • Flow Run: Stays in = (pending) • For: 15 Minutes Automation in question:[…]/automations/automation/0284734c-53f9-4a72-8351-fbe3ad50d19b
Even more odd is the time registered in The automations events.. prefect-cloud.automation.triggered 2023/03/29 12:34:01 AM (CEST), 2023/03/28 22:34:01 (UTC) prefect-cloud.automation.action.executed 2023/03/29 12:34:02 AM (CEST), 2023/03/28 22:34:02 (UTC) The slack message was received half hour earlier than timestamps displayed in Cloud UI 😅

Will Raphaelson

03/29/2023, 3:30 PM
Thanks jpuris, would you mind opening an issue with this information at