James Gatter

03/01/2023, 4:02 PM
I'm confused about how the ECS task infra block and S3 storage block work. When I run
prefect deployment build ... --apply
how does my flow code get accessed? Should it be getting pulled from the code that is uploaded to S3, or does the flow code have to be included in the docker image? I know the latter is true for the dataflowops tutorial, but I also just ran a deployment that did not have the flow code included in the docker image. Furthermore is there any further documentation for the deployment.yaml fields?

James Sopkin

03/01/2023, 4:07 PM
The code is accessed from the storage. You don't necessarily need to have flow code included in the docker image. If I remember correctly, the dataflowops includes flow code because it has custom modules being imported
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This documentation may be helpful. It details both the deployment command and some of the options as well as a deployment.yaml file. The yaml file field correspond to the build options outlined in the command