Okay I’ve got a very weird issue for everyone! How...
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Okay I’ve got a very weird issue for everyone! How do I make a flow finish??? As in, the tasks are done, but the flow is refusing to stop. I’ve got a deployment which executes a single task (that is just a
return 3
) and it runs perfectly…. but the flow continues on and keeps checking for the task, acknowledges its already completed…. but never actually terminates? If anyone has any ideas or has seen this before, please let me know! Note: I’m only seeing issues if using the dask task runners. If it all runs in process, no issue, which leads me to believe theres something configured wrong in my dask cluster. Does anyone have know of instructions on what should be configured (ports open, etc) for prefect and dask to play together? EDIT: I think this might actually be an issue with dark workers and ports, and some prefect is interpreting some of the weird info coming back in a way that makes you think everythings finished when it might have failed