Hello, team! I'm using prefect 1.2.1 and using be...
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Hello, team! I'm using prefect 1.2.1 and using below code to register Flow
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with Flow("floww_3.5", storage=Azure(container="prefect-flows")) as flow:
    input_folder_path = Parameter("input_folder_path", default='demo_path')
    utput_folder_path = Parameter("output_folder_path", default='')

if __name__ == "__main__":
    client = Client()

    project_path = str(Path.cwd())
    flow.run_config = KubernetesRun(.....)
    flow.executor = LocalDaskExecutor()
    flow.register(add_default_labels=False, project_name="floww_3")
Every time I execute above code it's getting registered properly without any error and version is also getting upgraded. But if I change default values of Parameter it's not getting updated Could someone please help with it?
Hi @Mahendra Zadafiya - how are you using those parameters? I don’t see any tasks in your flow? You can see more about parameters, including an example at https://docs-v1.prefect.io/core/concepts/parameters.html