Prasanth Kothuri

03/08/2023, 6:45 PM
Hi There, experiencing a stranger error while running a simple flow in docker infrastructure
from myint.mal.platemap.processing.config import PlateMapConfig

def download_from_db():
    # variables
    config_path = "job_configs/processing.json"
    env = os.getenv("env")
    config = PlateMapConfig.read_from_json(env, config_path)
File "", line 26, in download_from_db
    config = PlateMapConfig.read_from_json(env, config_path)
NameError: name 'PlateMapConfig' is not defined
of course the package is in the PYTHONPATH both in the docker image and also add to env of docker block and running the docker image with
docker run -it {image} /bin/bash
and importing that package works.. kinda of lost why this is not working