# prefect-community

Stephen Lloyd

03/24/2023, 9:44 AM
I want to create dependencies such that a flow is only run if other flows have already run successfully. I'm trying to use
to create a flow of flows. But I'd like the logs to be available from the top level flow. I have tried using
, but this hasn't solved the problem. Any thoughts? @James Zhang I saw you were using
. Any luck surfacing logs into the parent flow?

James Zhang

03/24/2023, 10:04 AM
I was trying to run a Deployment from another but it somehow became a flow in flow pattern. In this case I couldn’t see the child flow logs in the parent one. Have you try to call a flow directly in the parent flow? Maybe that’ll do?

Stephen Lloyd

03/29/2023, 7:42 AM
I was doing the same as you. It did not seem to matter where I called it from. At this point, I'm trying to figure out how to get the flow_run_id from the PrefectFuture for the run of the deployment.