Samuel Hinton

03/27/2023, 2:47 AM
Hey team! There seems to be an issue with task run concurrency limits with tasks that don’t complete. I’ve got a backfill task with 4 slots, and it says all 4 are being used. When I click through to the limit, it shows zero active task runs but still 4 active tasks running. The tasks that were running were part of crashed flows, and the tasks themselves were deleted. Now, the solution here seems to be deleting the limit and recreating it. However, the thought of having to check this every day because the limits dont handle crashed flows/tasks and clog up with them, seems a bit suboptimial. Is there a better way to go about this process until the limits get fixed? EDIT: I can see this is known issue and I notice PR#8408 is merged, is this something which might be fixed soon then?