Emma Rizzi

03/27/2023, 9:03 AM
Hello! I'd like some help to migrate from prefect 1 to prefect 2, I'm having troubles finding some components in the documentation My current architecture is using Docker Storage and Kubernetes Run, I have a kubernetes agent deployed as a kube deployement in a self-managed cluster. I use a custom job template as my flows need to access data volumes (nfs shared accross workers) I'm browsing throught agents and work pool documentation, and I have troubles finding equivalent concepts in Prefect 2. I read about KubernetesJob infrastructure but I don't find how to launch the agent as a kubernetes job. Also, there's no Docker option for storage blocks, maybe I'm not looking at the right place ? Thanks 🙂
I think the guide link in the class docstring has most of the stuff that you need.
prefect kubernetes manifest agent
Generates a manifest for the agent.