03/28/2023, 4:36 AM
Hi is there a guide somewhere for how I can run my prefect code on my local machine inside a docker container? I'd like to run the code in a docker container, figure out it works, then run it as a serverless job. Also dumb question, but if I were to do that, does the agent live inside the docker container? or outside? And if it lives inside the docker container then when I run it as a serverless job does it live inside or outside the docker container?
@Taylor Curran, adding you in the notes like you asked.
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03/28/2023, 6:56 PM
I have gotten to the testing locally with docker step. You need to add the docker block and make the deploy, download docker locally then it should work. I used this tutorial to get the deploy build with docker.
The agent will be deployed wherever you want it run so if its an ECS, the agent would work there. I am hung up and trying to figure out that step myself.
I have mine working locally, but getting it to a VM or through ECS is where I am stuck lol