Florian Giroud

03/30/2023, 8:17 PM
Hi @Prefect, in the recent weeks, Prefect has release an incredible number of features - And ALL of them were on my wishlist when we migrated to prefect earlier this year. Is there a published mid/long-term roadmap for the product ? curious and eager to see what’s coming up next A big thanks to the Prefect team !!!
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On a personal note, if you’re looking for feedback or a demo on how do we use prefect, or something like that, I will be happy to schedule some time if that’s useful to you guys

Chris Reuter

03/30/2023, 8:23 PM
^this would be very useful for us. I just DMed you to set up some time🙂 We don't publish a long-term roadmap but we do have some exciting things coming out around events that we've talked about on Fireside Chats/Livestreams.


03/30/2023, 8:42 PM is a very rough view of roadmap items — but major features are generally tracked internally as we go through a lot of changes while figuring out how concepts fit into a cohesive product 🙂
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