Hi, I wonder if anyone has insights into an interm...
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Hi, I wonder if anyone has insights into an intermittent issue I've been encountering. I'm scheduling flow runs on ECS Fargate. The majority of the time they run successfully, however they occasionally fail with this error:
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State message: Submission failed. RuntimeError: Timed out after 120.73846864700317s while watching task for status {until_status or 'STOPPED'}
Is this a known issue? Any ideas how to prevent this, or at least retry the flow run in the case of an intermittent error like this?
I would recommend using environment variables to mitigate the issues experienced client side or any server side rate limiting issues
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Thanks @Sahil Rangwala Should I add these to the Dockerfile?
Oh I see it says:
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Those environment variables must be added within the agent environment