John Horn

04/05/2023, 4:48 PM
Hello, I have a deployment on an hourly schedule in GKE. Occasionally I have a jobs that appear as Running in the UI but when I look at the pod it has a state like:
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chocolate-cheetah-bwnpz-zlnxj        0/1     Completed                0          3h42m
The meta data in the Prefect Cloud UI in the side bar matches that 3h42m
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Flow Run
Start Time
2023/04/05 06:00:05 AM
3h 44m
Run Count
2023/04/05 03:00:09 AM
What would you recommend I do? Will this result in bloat over time where Prefect shows lots of running processes even though they are not? At the deployment infra level I have in the KubernetesJob
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job_watch_timeout_seconds = 3600,