Patrick Tan

04/10/2023, 6:11 PM
Hi, what is difference between work pool and work queue. All my deployments are on work queue, should I redeploy ?

Chris White

04/10/2023, 7:49 PM
Hey Patrick! A work pool is a collection of work queues that are associated with similar infrastructure; as an example, here is one way you could consider organizing your work: • 1 Process Work Pool for local development and testing ◦ one work queue per developer • 1 K8s Work Pool for your dev environment ◦ one work queue for ad-hoc experimental runs ◦ one work queue for ETL jobs ◦ one work queue for high priority ETL jobs • 1 K8s Work Pool for your prod environment ◦ same work queue setup as dev That's just an example, but think of work pools as being 1-1 with your infrastructure environments, and work queues within each work pool as representing similar types of work that has the same priority and concurrency needs
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